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HELP with this diaper rash!!

Annika has such a horrible rash i just don't know what to do! I'm thinking about calling her doc if it doesn't clear up some by tomorrow morning!

Its gone on for several days now and i just changed her and she has horrible blister looking spots that are now opened and look NASTY!

I think it started with some nasty poopy dipes she has started having and just can't get any better cause the poop is just so NASTY! sorta like diareaha but not really TMI sorry!

anyways i just put her in a sposie with some more butt paste. I've been using cloth throughout the whole rash thinking it will go away but it hasn't!

I use fleece mostly and i wouldn't think it would be a fleece sensitivity since i've always used it right?? i've tried putting her in wool all day too. I can't let her go coverless cause all i have are prefolds to do that with and she can definitely undo a snappi!

my old babysitter used to always say use cornstarch? in the tub and in the dipe? WDYT? Any ideas? My poor babe is miserable and i don't know what to do
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