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Re: A Double-Dog Dare for those that are challenged by their little girl's hair!!

I won the war today I lost several battles along the way (trying to use bow clips on the sides, she pulled them out as soon as I took my hand away), but I used a single bow clip to sweep the sides of DD's hair back and pin it at the back of her head. Looked very cute and yet grownup. She left it alone for the most part, I only had to fix it 3 times throughout the day
I took pics, but can't upload them right now, I'll try to remember tomorrow ^_^ I may just buy a korker or two (or something!) for her Christmas stocking now
DH & I happily welcomed Squig March '08 and Hiccup March '12

If there are any typos or grammatical errors I was probably NAK, apologies in advance!
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