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Re: A Double-Dog Dare for those that are challenged by their little girl's hair!!

Originally Posted by jmred View Post
Hi girls! Just stopping by to post some pics of how I did Ella's hair today! I decided I really wanted to try those little mini buns that were posted earlier in the thread, so that is what I did! Or at least attempted to do anyways! I just put the mini buns on the top part and left the back part of her hair down. DH and I also cut her bangs the other day, because they kept getting in her eyes! I have to laugh at these pictures because she was just NOT happy that I was doing her hair! lol! Check out her face in the first pic!

Jamie, it looks great!!! I giggled when I saw that sad face. That's how my niece used to be. She would cry if you even glanced in her general direction with a comb in hand, lol
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