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Re: S/O- more questions for mamas with lots of kiddos.

How big are your houses? Well I only have one. Its about 1100 sqft which is WAY too small for us but fortunatly we have a nice backyard and prior to #5 I worked FT so it wasn't too bad.
How many bedrooms & bathrooms? 3bdrs 1 bath Definatly need a bigger house, we're thinking this summer! Anything as long as its 2+ baths and a bigger dining room.
Do DC share bedrooms? Yep! The twins have 1 room w/ bunk beds and then the LOs share a room w/ 1 bunk bed and 1 crib. Obviously we have the master bedroom. LOL
What kind of vehicles do you have to seat everyone? We have a 2005 Honda Odyssey which seats 8. I've packed it full MANY times!! Gotta love it!
How much do you spend on groceries a month? For how many? For 7 ppl we spend about $800-1000 per month. We also qualify for WIC and that really helps. We usually do a big shop at Costco once a month (more if money permits!) and then weekly at a local grocery store.

We would love to have #6, but I just don't know 100% that I can do all that I do which is NOT enough IMO and care for a new baby. I mean, we would LOVE another baby. I didn't CD a newborn, I have had BFing issues so I would really like another chance at that, we'd love to try a homebirth! These are all selfish reasons to accomidate MY desires so its not a major priority right now. Later on, when the kids are a little more independant instead totally dependant, then we'll talk. I have a Mirena IUD w/ 4yrs left so we'll re-evaluate things when I'm around 30. Obviously we'd like a bigger house, but Northern CA (or CA in general!) is super expensive and we couldn't get a house for less than $350,000 right now. We definatly couldn't get a 4 brdm for less than $450,000! A lot of newer houses are like $750,000 and upwards! My g-pa offered us $5000 if we buy a house which is totally awesome but wouldn't even touch what we'd need for a down on a loan like that not to mention the payment. $3000-4000/mo is insane!! Anyway, if we could rent a 4bdrm that would be ideal but its not too often that one shows up in the area we're looking to move to. And personally, I would love to move out of state to a cheaper neck of the woods (I like Texas!) and things would be a lot better. Dh is an electrician so he can work almost anywhere! If we did that and are BUYING a 4bdrm house we'd definatly have #6!!
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