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Re: Is this a good size Small stash?

Originally Posted by shannong View Post
Bump!!! What if I planned to use soem of my covers with folded PF in them? Do I need another Dozed infant prefolds? should I get some BG AIO size small?
Yes, if it was me, I would get another dozen infant prefolds (CPF or IPF), and a few more covers, too.

Trifolding a pf will only work in the covers that go on like a wrap (for example the bsww.) It will not work with your pull-on pants. You may wish to get about 2 more wrap-style covers if you plan to tri-fold a lot, since anytime there is a poo, the cover will need to be washed. Those poos are so runny they usually run right off the trifolded prefold and get the cover dirty. My baby still pooped about 8 times per day when wearing size smalls!

If you plan to fasten the infant prefolds on with a pin or snappi, you should be just fine with the amount of covers you have, since that is more likely to keep poo off the cover for more likelihood of reusability of the cover, and also you can use the pants over a prefold that is fastened onto the baby.

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