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Re: Yeast Questions...tried almost everything...

Originally Posted by taragowland View Post
Hi! I am thinking of doing that was it going back to sposies? I hate that his butt can't breathe in them, so how did your DD reeact to that? Did you switch since you think she was getting reinfected?

Yeast rashes thrive on moisture. Sposies do a better job of keeping the area dry. When she was in cloth, the rash would always get worse. We were in sposies for a few weeks until the rash completely cleared. I would also sprinkle the probiotics on the rash about every change. When I went back to the cloth I bleached the diapers once so that she wouldn't get reinfected. I know bleach isn't the best for the life of the diapers, but I didn't have anything else to disinfect them and I thought one time wouldn't hurt much.
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