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Re: fetal assessment?

If you are talking about the biophysical ultrasound it can take 30minutes. I had one in my last pg, but never did the NST part which was odd because it was what happened on an NST that i was having the BP.

They check for gross movement(ones you can feel) I believe they need 3, small movement(the ones you can't) again I think they need 3, how often the baby is practicing breathing, the measure the amount of amniotic fluid. They need the right number of movements within 30minutes. You get 2points for each thing for a total of 8(without the NST), or 10(with the NST). My dd wasn't having enough movement but had the breathing and amniotic fluid measured within 15minutes so they had me flip back and forth on my side until they got enough movements. It took until the 30minute mark for her to do enough, but technically I passed(I shouldn't have, but that's a differnet story).
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