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Re: Yeast Questions...tried almost everything...

Originally Posted by taragowland View Post
Hi! Yeah, we used that too in the beginning and it helped but then it got worse, so I am using nystation and silversorb for the little fissures he has...and put him in wool last night - the rash looks alot better today but now it has spread to other parts of his body!!! Question - does the yeast get trapped in the cloth and this is why it is getting worse??? ALso, sicne we have hard water, will vinegar have a bad effect on the dipes? Our water is probably the hardest water ever! Also, as I asked another mama, do you use sposies since the yeast is trapped in the cloth? Does the sposie trap more moisture and take a longer time to heal?

Yes, the yeast grows on the diaper. Have you tried putting aquapher over the cream? It will act as a barrier from the moisture. We have VERY hard water also and only use vinegar once in a blue moon. Do you use TTO or anything? When we had yeast, I put my dd in huggies for 2 days and also let her be bare bum alot during the day. Good luck mama!!
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