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Re: Help! Want to change my handle/name!

could one cancel/delete an account and THEN create a new one, so as to not have two accounts on the same ip and violate the policy/ i should hav thought more carefully about this, but my handle is included in my handle on a much larger, international forum where i want some anonymity, whereas here i would like to be able to participate in co-ops, advertise my business, etc. but am not comfortable for privacy and business reasons having all these links to me across different forms of online communication and parenting forujm, i would like to address them each on an individuak level going into nit fully informed and i guess i am just now realizing this was not a good choice for me. especially if changing my username would still have something in my profile stating my old username, it doesn't seem worth doing that way.. any suggestions? obviously now if you see my most recent post i want to have this account to people can contact me if they see my stolen diapers for sale or are willing to sell for a low price, and/or trade with me, but after that, i almost just want to start from scratch if possible, is there a way to delete an account and create a fresh start w/o violating policy? i havent been to active have maybe 5 posts or less, but would like to become more active w/o feeling like my privacy is compromised and would also like to be able to promote my business down the line, which is indeed linked to personal info, as well as obviously co-op participation- thank y9ou so much for your insights and i will keep thinking on this as well!! thanks!!

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