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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

IF this is your only form of BC I would be worried....After 6 months your "risk" of getting PG JUMPS SIGNIFIGANTLY(sp?)....and LAM is not reliable at all. Furthermore if you wean her at night you are going to be VERY likely to get your cycles back (typically to keep cycles away you want to nurse every 4hrs).

When we night weaned (DD was a LOT older though) I just changed the scenery at night. We ALWAYS sat in the same chair so she associated that chair with unstead of sitting in the chair we layed in bed (which we NEVER did) she fussed for a few minutes for the first few nights but didnt fuss much since I was RIGHT there. Now 3 months later I am able to sit in the chair and cuddle her without her wanting to nurse.

Anyways, regardless of what you choose to do (about night weaning) get on birth control if you dont want to get PG
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