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Re: Multiples moms?

Originally Posted by Momma~O~Three View Post
My respect goes out to you all with multiples +! I've got it easy! Never had just one to know how hard it is with 3 & if we do have another later it'll be a breeze compared! (here's me secretly hoping DH will actually want to risk it again for just one more- yeah right!)
Sometimes when I see people with twins I'll say "Boy I wish I had twins" and they give me that pained/eye roll look and then see my triplets and their eye bug I think that I was so worried about everything with my first that having the three next made it much easier. I couldn't imagine having muliples first.

DH and I go back and forth on if we want another, we've ttc'd a few times but I ended up with 2 m/cs. My son regularily asks when I'm going to have twin brothers for him. Yeah right.
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