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Re: front loader, can I use sportwash & other q's

I have no idea what differences there might be between brands/models but mine doesnt have a water line visible on the door.. I would say only enough water to completely saturate the clothes and a little bit more.. reguardless of the size of load... also, before I knew about using 1/2 or less detergent I would have SUDS up on the lid and 2 times I had SUDS come out the soap dispenser in the top (oops!) I quickly learned that I need to use EITHER HE detergent OR 1/2 or less of the normal dosage of regular detergent (not necessarily alternative brands) .. I just started using Allens Naturally and for a huge load of dipes I use the recomended amount but for all other loads even with A.N. I use 1/2 the recommended with no problems. I do actually do a prerinse, sanitize, and a post rinse on dipe loads but I have newborn poo I am trying to get out.. on the loads with no nb poo, I just do a normal wash with an extra rinse.. I would think that sportswash would be fine, just experiement with amt of detergent vs size/dirtiness of load.. its is very easy to have too much soap but its also easy to have too little! I try to err slightly on the too much and do an extra rinse.. the few times I erred on the too little side it was SUPER inconvinent to run the load again.... sigh..

sorry about the rambling reply! Hopeflly something was useful!

Enjoy your frontloader!! I LOVE mine!!
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