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Re: Should I invest in a diaper sprayer?

Originally Posted by Kiddo353 View Post
I LOVE mine!!! I use it ALL the time. It makes the difference between satined dipes and not stained dipes. Plus, the idea of throwing POOP in the washer....:bleck: I could never NOT spray off my diapers before washing....the ick factor gets to me.

Although, once your DS switches to solids, it'll be even easier to get the poo off (it can just fall into the toilet most of the time), but it's good to have during those teething/diarrhea moments. And you'll start to see those beans IN the poo, BTW (just noticed that yesterday--blk. beans and sweet potatoes. )

I've never seen any great deals on them, but I love the mini shower from (a DS mama w/ great CS). At one time there was a coop on diaper sprayers here. Wonder if they could do another. I'd love one for MIL and our Wed. babysitter. Nothing grosses me out more than having to dig thru the wetbag to clean off the diapers that've been pooped in. And opening the washer to find poo left behind just sucks. *off to recommend a diaper sprayer coop in the coop section*
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