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Re: Some advice would be great.

They do not know how big she is, they u/s can be off up to at least 2lbs. It is not recommended to induce based on size estimates. I would not interfere in a pregnancy based on that, and I would really question a doctor who does so. ACOG does not recommend this practice, and does not recommend elective induction before 39 weeks. Inducing early puts you at more risk for a section than a suspected large baby. Baby position makes much more difference than size on how the birth goes. So having a doula, and moving and doing positioning can be helpful.

From here

Induction of Labor. In cases of term patients with suspected fetal macrosomia, current evidence does not support early induction of labor. Results from recent reports indicate that induction of labor at least doubles the risk of cesarean delivery without reducing the risk of shoulder dystocia or newborn morbidity, although the results are affected by small sample size and bias caused by the retrospective nature of the reports. Results from one randomized clinical trial reveal similar cesarean delivery rates in the induction group (19.4 percent) compared with the expectant management group (21.6 percent), with five cases of shoulder dystocia in the induction group and six cases in the expectant management group.
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