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Re: Should I encourage a friend to BF?

Remind her too that if people really want to help, there are lots of other things they can do besides feeding. I had to pump exclusively for the first ~7 weeks or so and I was SOOOO happy when DJ finally started nursing because it was something that only I could do. It gave me an excuse to take him away from one of the overbearing grandmas and even run hide in another room if I wanted to (I never hesitated to nurse in front of people when I wanted to, but nobody ever complained if I left the room to do it )

I hate to hear someone say that they're just going to "give bf a try" and switch if they have problems because let's face it, 90% of us have problems at some point so it's easy to find an excuse to switch. To me, it's kind of like getting married and saying "WTH, if it doesn't work out we can always get a divorce" know those people will wind up getting divorced, probably sooner than later. You have a much better chance of success if you go into it 100% committed to sticking it out no matter what. Still, if "giving it a try" is the best she can do, in this case, that's better for her baby than nothing. Like I said though, some people can be really pushy about it (for all the right reasons) and that's a major turnoff for some people. There's a fine line between encouraging/supporting and browbeating IMO...I try to stay on the right side of that line but we're all guilty of crossing it once in a while I think!
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