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Re: Good for you meal a family will eat!!!

Eating for Life is an awesome way of healthy eating IMO. Basically it's rule is to a) balance the meals with equal portions of carbs and protein + eating veggies and b) the portions are based on your own size of your hand or fist. (For ex. for a chicken breast, use the flat palm as a guideline, for pasta or rice [[both cooked!] use the size of your fist)

It's really easy to eat clean/healthy if you just pay attention to a few pointers like that and the beauty of it, you can easily switch any kind of 'bad; recipe into something healthy.
-Use fat free milk instead of full fat
-Use cooking spray instead of butter OR 1 Tbsp of olive oil since it's the healthy oil (just be moderate with it )
-Skip drinking any kind of pop or juice. Water and herbal tea is the way to go.
-Go low fat or fat free w/yogurts, sour cream, etc.
-Eat more protein by eating more cottage cheese, egg whites (not whole eggs; the guideline is 4 egg whites + 1 whole egg) etc.

Not sure if this really helped, but for me it's always been easier to sticking to the 'obvious' healthy way vs. some kind of diet like SBD or Atkins [which latter is really bad for you if you do some research!]

Good luck!
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