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Re: How do you feed your toddler when they've outgrown the highchair??

Originally Posted by LuAnn View Post
How big is your dd? Ds is 23m and just about 30lbs and about 36inches and STILL fits in highchairs. Its hard to believe that shes outgrown it already, unless your meaning that she just wont sit in it anyMORE?
I was just going to say, my oldest son sat in a highchair until he was 5 and he was mad to give it up, lol. We didn't use the tray anymore, just pushed the chair up to the table so it was like a nice high boosterseat. He loved it. He did go through a phase at around 2 for a month or so that he didn't want the high chair but discovered it wasn't so messy to use it so decided he liked it. Now he uses a booster seat.

Carter is 16 months now and is no where near leaving the high chair.

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