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Re: Tell me, whats your fav. way to cook collard greens!!

Originally Posted by nikki25_3 View Post
I'm looking for a new way to cook GREENS. Although I love mine, I'm always into trying new things. The way I cook mine is, I take and boil them with water chicken stalk and a small amout of fat back. (YUCK) I don't really like fat back, but its works wonders for Collards. LOL I add natures own seasoning and then a Very small amout of vinager. Then I simmer them for about 4-5 hours. It's a yummy way to cook them!! Try out my way and I'll try your way out. Nikki

I do them like swiss chard. Don't boil, saute. Can't remember the shape of them, but with chard, you cut the stalks off, stack the leaves and roll into a log shape, then slice. I add them to a pan with either bacon grease (I know, I know) and then let them soften and throw in blue cheese crumbles....or real butter and sprinkle with lemon pepper!

I cook with Nourishing Traditions type ideals so it's pro animal product which may not be what you are looking for, but thought I'd throw it in
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