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Re: Those who are against letting DC CIO

see I knew I wasn't crazy, I get no support from DH & Mum, they say "you're gonna have to let him fuss a little or you will always be tied down" or Mum says "he needs to develop his lungs or that is why he still has a goopy eye (tear duct not open) cause you don't let him cry" COME ON! I cannot stand to let him cry I am SORRY it breaks my heart, I want him to know Mommy will always be there, I too, go right away, it only takes as long as it takes me to get to him (unless of course in potty or trying to pop in a load of laundry somethin like that lol) and even so I will calm him down then go back to what I was doing, or I get him settled close where he can see me... I wear him when possible too, and he's only 12 weeks old (well on thurs) so it's not like I have a 3 year old attached to my hip kwim?
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