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Re: Do I stink or something?

Originally Posted by zacks_mommy View Post
sniff sniff...I dont smell anything...
Well, that is good anyway. I swear, I do shower!

Originally Posted by savyjoel View Post
This happens to me too sometimes--I don't get it. If you list something to sell do you not want to check often if someone has contacted you about it?? When I'm trying to sell I try my best to check my mail several times a day. I know that moms are busy people and it's hard to get to the computer but please check 1x a day and respond to all post/messages. Very frustrating when we are waiting. Thanks to those who do this already.
Glad I am not the only one. It is just odd. Not ONE response from anyone...I was about to give up on DS. Maybe I will try again a few times.
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