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Re: Should I encourage a friend to BF?

My friend had her baby boy about 6 weeks ago. She didn't BF her firstborn, and said she wanted to BF her second. She said she was going to "try like the ****ens" to do it, so I forwarded her all the info I had on the subject, because, I too, FF my firstborn and wanted it to work so much for me to BF my 2nd. I told her of my bad experience with crack and bleeding nipples and how I pumped until they healed and how I kept telling myself I had to get through the first couple weeks and it will all come together. And it did, but it was hard. But I also told her of the experience of holding my baby to my breast and feeling the let down, a squirt or two here and there, but that the overall experience, although painful and difficult in the beginning is so worth it.

I told her all this and she said she was as determined as me, but I spoke with her a couple days ago and she's still giving formula in bottles so her hubby and DS #1 can feed the babe. I said bottle was fine, but why not BM? She said it was uncomfortable to pump, and I had to agree. I tried to give her encouragement and remind her of BM benefits, but I could tell she didn't want to hear it.

It really disappointed me that she came off so determined, and obviously, she's not. I get too sensitive these days! LOL Now that I know things I didn't know when my DS #1 was a baby, I tend to get all worked up when things don't go as I think they should. *sigh* I need to just get over it.
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