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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

So far I have been nursing for over 9 yrs straight, tandem nursing (including nursing 2 down for naps and bed daily) for over 7 yrs. straight. I nursed through 4 pregnancies (tandem through 3) and have nursed 3 kids for a total of a year and have pumped to donate milk (for a friend and my sister) after #4 and #5 (am nursing 2 and pumping for my sister now). So far being pregnant has not caused any of my kids to want to wean.

It may seem overwhelming, but I really think a lot has to do with your mindset (and maybe personality?). It feels very normal and natural to me but when I type it out it seems really, really crazy, LOL!! And fwiw, none of them has ever had formula or a bottle period (not even of expressed milk).

As to when they stopped nursing

#1 was 4 1/2 (6mo after my 3rd was born)
#2 was 5 (the only one I encouraged to wean when she turned 5, 6mo after my 4th was born)
#3 was 4 and 8mo (shortly after my 5th was born)
#4 will be 3 in Jan and still nursing
#5 is 5mo. and nursing

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