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Re: Happy Healthy Family Habits

My name is Summer. I have been married 8 years and I have three children. Kevin III (9), Kennyth (2), and Sofiya (8mon). I am an extremely anal person who has been accused of being OCD more than once. I however basically shut down when I walk into extreme chaos because I do not know where to begin. While pregnant with DS2, I was very sick and extremely tired and working 60 plus hours a week. My house fell apart because of course DH didn't pick up my "slack". I was starting to get organized again when I got pregnant with my DD. So after these last two pregnancies, my household developed many bad habits that have piled on top of each other, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and basically shutting down the minute I walk in the door.

I realized in May that I needed to make some changes and get our family back on track. I tried a few things and they seemed like they were working, but my job was getting in the way. I started adjusting my work schedule and finally decided I could not achieve my goals being in a salaried position. I now work 4 nine hour shifts so that I can have three days off. This schedule seems to be working for the most part.

Studies show that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I am committing to trying this for 21 days and making adjustments after reviewing what is working and what isn't working.

My first goal is to create healthy family habits by using a daily ten and weekly ten list to help organize my household and remind everyone to be healthy. These lists include changes to our lifestyle that are long overdue. I think by making sure certain things are done everyday, I won't feel so overwhelmed when it comes to looking at the big picture. My son really needs this structure. I can see the changes in him over the past couple years and it is my job as a parent to get him back on track.

My second goal is to make some changes in my diet and activity level. I am not actively trying to lose weight, although I need to, but I do know I will feel better if I make some changes. With the daily ten, I will already be exercising my brain and my body, so for phase one of this goal, I will be cutting pop and processed junk food. (I can not give up freshly baked goodies at this time of year ) I do accept it is healthy to be able to indulge every once in a while, so they idea is to learn control. I plan to cut all together for 21 days and then allow myself the items I love every once in a while, but not on an everyday basis.

So for my first goal, I spent this week creating a family center where we can keep our reward charts, calendar, and to do lists. I also edited my daily ten and weekly ten from a previous attempt. The only thing I have left to do is sit down with my son and write a "contract" so he understands what is required of each habit to earn his daily reward. He really enjoys video games and for the past year was not allowed to play during the week and often lost his playing time on the weekends. I want to take the approach of earning time instead of losing it. If he completes all his habits for the day, he will earn time the next day. He will have his own chart, but it coincides with the Family Daily Ten.

Kevin's Daily Habits
1. Be Nice (respectful, manners, etc...)
2. Personal Hygiene (Brush teeth, shower, clean clothes, etc...)
3. Exercise your body
4. Exercise your brain (including completing homework)
5. Take care of Pets
6. Prepare for tomorrow
7. Put away toys
8. Help out (with Family Daily and Weekly Ten)

Riley Daily Ten
1. Exercise our bodies
2. Exercise our brains
3. Prepare for tomorrow
4. Enjoy a family meal
5. Keep the living room/coffee table/ dining room table clean
6. Clean up after ourselves and help the small children do the same
7. Keep the sink empty (Dishes)
8. Sweep the main floors
9. Do one complete load of laundary
10. Work on at least one weekly task

Riley Weekly Ten
1. Clean up after Daisy
2. Take care of the yard
3. Garbages and recycle
4. Game room
5. Bathrooms
6. Bedrooms
7. Dining room
8. Kitchen
9. Room of the week
10 Family Fun Night

Here are some pics of how I organized the area (sorry, they aren't great.)

The whole area


Kevin's reward chart

Daily/weekly ten board (Two days a week, my husband works 7-5 and I work 3 to midnight, so we do not see each other and we have a sitter come to our home, so this board will also serve as a message center to communicate dinner instructions, what is left for chores, and other memos.)

I am looking for an accountability buddy. Someone I can share my family's progress with and bounce ideas off of. I am willing to offer return support and offer accountability.
I am moving on in life, if you need to get in touch with me, please email me at

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