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Re: Happy Healthy Family Habits

Hey Summer, saw the link in your siggy when you replied to my BF dilemma.

I'm Kristy and boy have I fallen off the discipline train over the past 18 months. Once I became pregnant my household fell apart. I was terribly tired the whole time, back issues, and morning sickness that lasted the 7 months. I didn't want to do a thing, no cleaning, no cooking, and certainly no exercise. 10 months after giving birth I'm still carrying around 20 of the 60lbs I gained while pregnant and my house always seems to be in shambles. I didn't come up with 10, but I do know the 6 things that have been neglected and have had a significant impact on my life and family.

1. We need to get back on a schedule or into a routine. Since returning to work things have been just crazy, I work very different hours now and it seems that it has thrown things totally out of wack. Generally I work Monday 10-6, every other Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 12-10 or 10-8, and Thursday 10-6...Give or take an hour here and there. This schedule and leaving Dad to tend to the house a few more hours a week seems to just cause cahos. The biggest reason we need to get back into a routine is feeding, which leads me to my second goal...

2. Meal Planning. I used to plan every meal for everyday of the week. It made our lives so simple and kept hubby in the kitchen helping me out. When I was pregnant all I wanted were apple jacks and beef...not much planning there. We are getting better but it's just not the same. Soaring grocery bills because I just buy whatever with no set list, meals eaten at 8pm or not at all, and I have started feeding my son processed gerber graduate meals (which by the way he seems to hate) because we just don't know what our plan is until after his dinner time. This cannot be healthy for him physically or emotionally!

3. Get back on a Budget. Meal planning certainly helped our budget, my weekly grocery bill 12 months ago was about $50-$75, now it's $120 or more. And I have to stop the fluffy mail...Hello, I'm CDing to save money not spend more each week on more diapers I don't really need. So over the next 21 days I will NOT buy anything CD related (my husbands gonna love this) We have to stop the random shopping too, oh Target my friend and foe.

4. Declutter & ReOrganize. My house fell apart while pregnant, and having a new baby didn't make the mess any less. I have to get back into the habit of shredding my mail and not letting the laundry pile up. Any tips to get this done again would really really help. I have a cleaning schedule, but I just look at it and say "yup, didn't do that today"

5. Physical Activity. Now that DS is starting to walk he's giving me a real run for my money, and I am exhausted come 8pm. I need to shed these last 20 baby pounds and get more energy so I have to figure out a plan. I need to go down into the basement and clean up all the clutter off of the treadmill, bowflex, and other things so I can get my butt in gear. I need ideas on how to transform that room into a child friendly space so that I can do a little exercise while not feeling like I can only get in there during his nap time.

6. Oh this one has to stop...Sneaking Cigarettes. I went back to smoking now and then when my son was about 6 months old. Every once in a while when he wasn't around, and now that he is not breastfeeding I am buying cigarettes again. I sneak out on the deck at nap or bed time, I smoke on the days I don't have him at work with me, and of course I smoke while I am all alone. I don't know why I went back, but it seems to relieve the tension about all the other bad habits I've found.

So of course any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I need support to do this. My hubby is a slacker and only my motivation seems to motivate him, so I can't really rely on him for the motivation.
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