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Re: Multiples moms?

Originally Posted by susnrob View Post
My identical twin boys are almost 15 months old. I was pregnant with them while active duty army (serving in Korea) and they were born in Korea. They bring so much joy and laughter to each day. Oh, I became a SAHM when they were about 6 months! They are still BF. We started CD at about 6 months.

Does anyone else with multiples get a little annoyed at all of the people who stare and point at your babies? When I was growing up I was always told that it was rude to stare or point. What about the people who talk about your babies, but they act as if you can't hear what they are saying about your babies.

I think some of the comments I hate the most are about how much trouble it must be to raise them. My babies are the biggest blessings! It just seems that if you're out in public with the babies there is never any peace!

This is the most common question I get, "Are they twins?" LOL I don't get it!
Hehe!! We have a lot in common!! I was AD Army until about 4 months into my pregnancy. They did a rapid discharge because our unit was deploying and they wanted all chapters dealt with before the regular company commanders were gone!

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is the comments that imply how much trouble they are (double trouble) or how they must keep me busy in a way that implies I would want otherwise. You all will get a laugh out of this one. This one day I'm out grocery shopping during the workday so I had to take the girls. I have them in their stroller (a SBS) and I'm pushing it with one hand, holding my shopping list in that hand, and pulling the cart behind me with the other hand, holding my pen in my mouth. I must have been stopped 20 times for everyone to comment to me about how "Twins? Oh, you MUST have your hands full." By the end of the shopping trip (which only took TWICE as long as usual) I had HAD it and actually pulled the pen out of my mouth and said to the person "What EVER gave you that impression, the fact that I have to pull the cart behind me or that I have to keep my pen in my mouth to prevent myself from mouthing off to all the rude people who won't let me just do my shopping?" I was just so mad. Shopping is pretty much the ONE time when I DO feel like I have my hands full KWIM???
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