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Re: Multiples moms?

Originally Posted by Nique View Post
I have them in their stroller (a SBS) and I'm pushing it with one hand, holding my shopping list in that hand, and pulling the cart behind me with the other hand, holding my pen in my mouth.
That's how I used to shop. I also had my older ds bouncing along the way. Then my girls decided they didn't want to sit in the stroller anymore, they would wiggle and wiggle until they would come out of their straps. Now, I only take all three for quick trips. I have found that absolutely no eye contact with people helps on the comments.

I thought the first six months were the hardest. It seems like it got a little bit easier, but I think now it is hard hard hard (they are 23 mos). My girls fight. One, especially, does not co-exist well with her older brother. They fight all.the.time. It's really frustrating. They are also the messiest eaters ever. They have yet to understand that food does not belong in your hair and your full plate never belongs on the floor. I will say though, they can be the sweetest little things ever.

We do get less comments now. I don't know if it's age related or not, but usually I just smile and keep walking. The comment that has annoyed me the most is "They don't look like twins".
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