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Delayed vaxing schedule ?? and advice

Okay a little background-my oldest 2 have been vaxed on time every time-but my son who is 6 has aspenspers-was discovered at age 3. he was fine no symptons until after 15 months DD is perfectly healthy at this point.

Fast forward to having my baby-I choose immediatly to wait on the 2 month ones until 4 months and put off everything by 2 months. But now he's 4 months and I still haven't gotten anything and am more uncomfortable than ever about him getting them. I mean I will love him no matter what-but if I can control the amount of toxins in his blood to protect him-you had better believe that I'm doing it.

What do I tell the ped when I go next week-I haven't mentioned anything to her about my little plan

did I mention that all my kids have been delayed in gross motor skills-either one rolled over before 4-5 months and little Blake did at 3 months
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