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Re: Multiples moms?

I get so tired of the comments too. I really hate when the point and stare and whisper. I've started to say "yes they are triplets" and keep walking or I just look at them and roll my eyes. They usually get pretty embarrassed. The worst is when my son is upset about something and then all these people come up and want us to tell them all about the girls or when we are eating.

My girls are fraternal (no DNA tests though) and every say "Oh they look identical" and when we no they look at us like we are lying to them.

Does anyone find it hard in moms groups and stuff. When I first started going I only brought one of the babies and didn't mention I had triplets. Everyone was talking to me and chatting until the "leader" came in and told everyone. Then they all kind of stared at me like I had three heads and felt bad for complaining about their singles.
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