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anyone deal w/ this? awful deep cracks behind toes?

EThan has soft, non-dry feet. However, the skin on the backs of each of his big toes is very very very cracked- the "crease" for the first joint. I figured it was just dry and I started putting aquaphor on it and rubbing lotion on it. Yesterday, however, it looked so awful- I mean, the crack on one toe was so deep and so open I was amazed I couldn't see bone. he didn't seem to mind it in the least though. I called his Doc and we have an appointment tomorrow. He said it sounds like athlete's foot. He's almost always barefoot but he does sleep in footy pjs. I guess I 'll stop putting him in those??? He's a homeopath, so he suggested coconut oil - he said it will help w/ a's foot if that's what it is, but it will also moisterize and protect, etc. We're going out today to get some. I feel awful- Its like you could just snap his little toe right off!
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