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Re: Fall List A-E


Similac checks or coupons--low Breast Milk and my supply dried up
Any type of disposeable diaper for daughter (size 3) or son (size 5)
Diaper cream
Children's Zertec or generic equivalent--son has bad allergies and even the generic is so expensive (along with the formula and dipes)
Books for my children

Anything girly--headbands, clippies, tutus, dolls
Would love any WAHM wares--ispy bag, felt foods, crayon roll for son and daughter, etc.
Longies or skirtie: Waist=17, R=15, I=7.5, Hip=18
Son: W=19, R=19.5, I=11.5, Hip=19
Anything Thomas the Train or Cars (from the cars movie) related
Any type of car for my son-loves matchbox, hot wheels, trains.
Craft Kits
Any Toddler or baby DVDs--Sesame Street, Arthur, Thomas, Elmo, Baby Einstein
Amber Teething necklace for daughter

For me:
Mama pads
Dryer Balls
Any type of make-up--I'm fair skinned.
WAHM sample wares
Lotions, lip balm, even samples of hair products, etc.

Thanks mamas for looking

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