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Re: Multiples moms?

My DH worked 3rd shift until recently so if I needed something I had to do it with the girlies (The 1st 9mo or so I felt like a single mom who was fortunate enough not to have to work) I learned very quickly to avoid eye contact at all costs. They WILL move out of your way when a giant stroller is headed for their shins! My response to people's comments are in the form of my favorite t-shirts- "I fear NOTHING I have TRIPLETS!" & "One Baby!?! I laugh at your 'One Baby'!!" (I wear this one to the zoo frequently) Though I did get a lady that said -I fear FOR you when she read my shirt I like to mess with the people who ask things like are they triplets (or twins or one kid said they were quads). Once at the PO a lady asked that & I responded with- nah, I bought the stroller & the t-shirt ("I fear" one) then stole the kids from the grocery store. The guy behind the counter (he knows us) laughed his butt off but she was highly confused. I've had people ask me if my brunette (who looks exactly like me) is adopted, people ask if they're twins & singleton (because my biggest is 2lbs bigger than the smallest I guess?), if they're all mine (how often do you see people wearing babies that aren't theirs?). Yeah we get lots of comments, but now that we hardly ever use a triple stroller we get less & less. We have run into 3 other trip momma's lately at the store (kids 4 & older) who see me & say- triplets? shhhh, me too
We know my brunette is frat, different blood type, & I believe my other girls are frat too they look sooo different to me & I'm not willing to put up the $$ for a DNA test until one day I can't tell them apart. Strangers always assume my oldest is a boy because she's still a baldy but when I inform them they're all girls then suddenly she must be identical to her blonde sister
I just joined a local SAHM playgroup, I take all 3 with me. The other ladies are flabergasted by us! My MOM's group is all trips+ but I have yet to actually take the girls on an outting with them, next weekend will be our 1st -hopefully we play nice...
Jessica, proud SAHM of triplet girls
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