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Question Am I required to put a price in my FSOT posts?

I have several pages of diapers for sale. I've always put the price with each diaper. However, one of my pages is a lot of one brand of diapers, but many different pieces (covers, inserts, boosters). Originally I was selling as a lot and had the price I was asking, but no one was interested in the whole thing, so I started to split the lot. I've been getting requests for all sorts of combinations (2 covers, 4 inserts, 3 boosters; 4 covers, 4 inserts, no boosters, etc.). So because of that I didn't put a price in my listing. I've set a min. on the number of items I'll sell, because I had so many pieces I didn't want to sell one booster here, one cover there, if you KWIM. I'm giving deals based on how big of a purchase is made, but I'm staying consistent in that if two people ask for the same combination of items, they're getting the same price.

I didn't think this was a problem until someone sent me a pm and told me they thought it was required to put my asking price in my op.

Is this true?
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