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Re: Quick! Can I eat Mexican white cheese dip?

I wouldn't worry about it. It is served hot and is probably made with pasteurized milk. The making of the cheese itself does not bring it up to the proper temp to kill off bacteria but it isn't being made with raw milk so it doesn't matter.

I would not drink raw milk from a commercial source but we do drink unpasteurized milk from our own cows and I have for my past 3 pregnancies. I would also drink it from a few other small farmers that I know because I know what their milking and feeding practices are. Listeriosis (which is what pregnant women should be concerned about and why unpasteurized dairy products are warned against) is common in big dairies and is rarely seen in a family cow type situation. It is usually the result of feeding cows rotten silage. Family type cow situations where the cows are able to eat a diet predominately of grass and hay are not going to be susceptible to the kinds of bacteria problems seen in large farm operations, including e-coli infections.
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