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Re: Quick! Can I eat Mexican white cheese dip?

Originally Posted by MotherMoonPads View Post
I personally don't eat it while pregnant. It's one of the few things I avoid.
All domestic cheeses that are aged less than 60 days MUST be made from pasteurized milk. It's required by law. Then the link itself says that cheeses made from UNpasteurized milk but aged 60 days or more are OK. I know that around here all of the "Mexican" cheeses are actually domestic, just made in the Mexican style. And even if they're imported the FDA requires unpasteurized cheeses to be aged 60+ days. It's actually relatively difficult to find a young, soft, unpasteurized cheese.

It certainly never hurts to err on the side of caution but in a case like this I think the OP is probably in more risk on the car ride to the restaurant than while eating the queso...
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