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Re: I taught dd the sign for eat but now she uses it a bunch

I agree...teach her more signs...see how she picks up on them. I would treat it like a would if she was speaking. If it seems possible she would be hungry at that time...feed her a snack or lunch, or whatever...but if she shouldn't really be eating at that time, acknowledge that she did the sign, but you don't have to feed her each time. Say something like, "You're hungry? You want to eat? Not right now, honey, we'll eat in a little bit" and get her interested in something a new book that teaches her some new signs. This is what I do with my daughter...she's almost 15 months and knows over 40's amazing what they can communicate!! Have fun with it....but don't feel like you have to give her everything she wants just cause she signed for it! Good luck!
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