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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Wow! I'm just seeing this for the first time, and while I shouldn't be surprised, I am still pretty speechless. It makes me feel much happier about my decision to leave our ped's office for a family practice doctor who is into osteopathic medicine.

Anyway, mama I don't really have any advice because it seems like you're doing an excellent job handling this. I just wanted to offer some support and encourage you to continue pursuing this until their response is's unacceptable for teh doctor to have said this to you in the 1st place and then to twist it around like you asked about the benefits of bf'ing is just insane!

As a mama who got the crappy advice to supplement because my milk wasn't in at 4 days postpartum and spent 2 months busting my butt to get ds off of formula, I'm so glad you're continuing to fight them on this! So many women get this bad advice and assume that the doctor is telling them the truth.

Way to go mama! Don't let them off the hook!
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