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Re: Does your baby sleep on back or belly?

Originally Posted by Fiveblessings
I haven't read all responses, but I will say this: the AAP keeps changing the correct sleeping position because they're trying to eradicate SIDS. Personally, I don't think SIDS has anything to do with sleeping position (well, most of the time), but about other environmental factors.

If a baby has any head control at all, they can turn when they can't breathe. I know when Hannah first started bfing and my boob would cover her nose (I was new at it too), she would be able to wrench herself back really far and turn her head, even as a newborn. It's not that easy for a baby to suffocate.

With that said, she always goes to sleep with my boob in her mouth (the ONLY way she'll ever sleep!) so she's always on her side. Sometimes she'll flop to her back, but usually we are tummy to tummy.
Same with us!
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