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Re: Sleeping through the night?

With DD it was from 6 mo. on. She only woke up when either a) sick or b) teething.
Now with DS it's a completely different story *sigh* He's sleeping 12hrs through on and off since he's ~9 mo. old, but since he was pretty much teething nonstop from 4 mo. til he was 18 mo., in total I might have had 3 weeks worth of completely undisturbed sleep! The rest he'd wake up either shortly after we put him down to sleep or in the middle of the night!
He's now 20 mo. old and still has nights where he's waking up at 5am; which is when I then give him a bottle w/milk and he goes back to sleep til 7am.
Both of my kids were/are on a schedule (after following their cues) with naps and bed time etc. and yet they're both so different.
The only thing I'm thankful for is that DS won't make a fuss when putting him down. He knows nap- and bedtime is for sleeping and is very willing, telling me even 'night night' as soon as I put him down
I always envied those moms who had babies who'd sleep through the night from early on.. I can only hope that DS will eventually do so aswell.

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