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Re: Sleeping through the night?

You know, "sleeping through the night" is actually only defined as sleeping for a 5 hour stretch. I didn't know that!

Also, MOST babies still wake at least once up until they are even over a year old!

Our culture puts too much emphasis on the importance of a baby sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG without waking. What we fail to take into consideration is that teething, growth spurts and developmental accelerations (when they are learning to sit up, crawl, walk, talk etc) interrupt long periods of blissful slumber.

DD is 8 months; and ONLY RECENTLY has been sleeping about 8+ hours without waking. But I only figured out how to make her do that by putting her in her own bed. When she sleeps with me, she wakes up ALL night long wanting to nurse. I think the temptation to eat is too strong when I'm RIGHT there, kwim?

Have you read "The No Cry Sleep Solution" ? Pretty good book! Some of the techniques worked for us, others not so much. But it might be something to look into.
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