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Re: Sleeping through the night?

I can honestly say I don't remember with my older two. my baby is 8 months old and still wakes a few times each night. I am thinking soon I might try to transition him to his crib and see what happens. We cosleep now, and I think he would sleep more soundly without us bugging him.

You know what made me mad?

At our six month check up, the ped made a big deal about how at this age 100% of babies should be sleeping thru the night in their own bed. WHATEVER! This guy is in his early 60's I think. I have a feeling HE didn't do much night time parenting of his kids. I have friends with a wide variety of parently styles and kid's temperments, and I would say nowhere near 100% of them slept thru the night, in their own bed, at 6 months.

I will say if memory serves, it seems like the sleeping thing clicked for each of my older kids when they were ready. They are wonderful sleepers now, and the wakings back then don't seem so bad now. lol!
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