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Re: Should I encourage a friend to BF?

OH I would say yes...explain the benefits health wise many people don't know it reduces your chances of getting breast cancer and helps you lose weight also has enymes that clean the babies teeth unlike formula which will rot their teeth and many other things, check out 101 reasons to breastfeed, maybe take 3 or 4 really big benefits maybe she wouldn't know and tell her..that alone might be enough to sway her....and also remind her of the fact that so many babies have allergies to formula and may end up having to have the formula that costs 30 bucks a can and once she makes the decision to bottle feed its hard to turn back time and try nursing. It is a lot easier to nurse and maybe suppliment with formula or expressed milk, explain the ease of breastfeeding, you don't have to get up to fix bottles its ready whenever the baby is and when you are out and about you never have to worry about packing bottles, you have milk ready to be served!...and remind her that she can pump and others can give her baby a bottle, even early on, I have a problem with doctors saying to wait 6 weeks before giving a bottle, I waited two weeks and my son took to both, all my friends waited the 6 weeks and NONE of their babies would take a bottle they were so used to the breast. Ultimately it is up to her, but being there to let her know how great of an expirience it has been for you and all the benefits there are, it is worth considering...I have just started Nannying again and she is breastfed, I give her expressed milk bottles but even makes me remember how easy it was to whip out the ol' boob anywhere anytime...waiting for the bottle to heat in warm water takes ages and when out at the park and she gets hungry, she hates cold bottles...just be sure to not be overbearing...a lot of people take advice as you thinking you are better...I am very opinionated about certain issues, but most people see things differently so I have learned to respect their opinion but inform them why I chose to do things the way I do...they inturn respect my ways and I respect theirs even if it's not aggreed upon, but there are also those times that in explaining I convert people and THAT always feels good! the question she gonna use CLOTH??? hehehhe
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