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Re: Multiples moms?

Originally Posted by titania View Post
yes!! i know what you mean! my boys are not ID, one has curly blonde hair, the other straight brown. one is about 4 lbs heavier. so pretty easy to tell them apart. but people INSIST on commenting on how they look! so we get 'are they identical?' (no, duh, just look at them), and then when i say 'no', they say, 'well, they kind of look alike' i jsut say, 'well, they are brothers!' don't most people look a little like at least one of their sibs???
I could have written this about my girls. They look nothing alike and one is slightly heavier than the other.

I haven't joined the MOM's group here. The meeting is at night and they discourage bringing your kids unless they are under a certain age. That just doesn't work for us.
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