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Re: Should I encourage a friend to BF?

I haven't read the other posts...but as a mom who bf for a very short time and has had to formula feed (long story, won't go into it)....I think you should definitely encourage her if she's undecided! If she's already made up her mind, she probably won't appreciate it..but if she's still trying to make a decision...then by all means encourage her. It would've meant the WORLD to me to have someone supporting me and encouraging me. And although the beginning is difficult, bfing is so much easier than getting up to make a stupid bottle! I **HATE** formula. Not only is it a huge pain to make a bottle, but it STINKS. It's also incredibly expensive. Drake is on the Alimentum...which is $25/16oz can..and he goes through 8-10 cans/month. And as far as someone else feeding...she can pump! And when the baby gets so old (like my 28 month old ) she'll be wishing for those nights they shared. I'm sure it'll be hard for her to believe and maybe not everyone agrees with me, but boy do I miss them.
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