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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

Originally Posted by 1boy1girl1bitty2 View Post
2 suggestions on shipping from the states to canada

sure you cant get a dc# but if your buyer uses pp to buy then you are protected as long as you have proof of sending package. so if you cant get a dc# take a pic of the package with postage applied as well as the receipt. pp accepts that as proof of sending so if ds would also have to reverse any negative feedback from a "unreceived" package. (the recipient likely rec'd the package but with no confirmation of delivery are trying to scam a free diaper) so as long as you can prove you did your part with a receipt from the post office and pic of package with postage applied you are in the clear. if the receiver genuinely didnt receive the package she can take that up with canada post

2ndly if states mamas want to really be fair to canadian mamas all it would take is 5 minutes of checking shipping online. say the diaper was 10ppd and shipping to the usa was 1.50 well subtract that from the 10ppd and the diaper itself would be 8.50. shipping to canada would likely be around 2.25 so now add that to the 8.50 and you get 10.25ppd to a canadian mama. practical and fair and takes an extra 5 minutes to figure out.

i Do have an issue with people complaining about having to go to the post office to ship to canada though. yes you might have a baby or 2 or three kids but so do i and canada doesnt have a door to door mailing service to the states so i have to go to the post office EVERY time! what i normally do in order to avoid takeing all 4 of my kids is wait till hubby is home to watch them while i go by myself. yes the post office is likely closed at this time but there are other outlets that are open late that are at pharmacies or the automated teller at the post office that you can use. if you cant ship that day i'm sure your buyer would understand (she a mother too after all) if you had to wait a day or two to ship. or simply state 'i ship internationally only on saturdays when hubby can watch the kids' in your post.

its simple common curtousy - how would you feel if every canadian mama gouged you in shipping?

i live on the border of the northdakota/montana/saskatchewan so i have a po box in the states and its not an issue for me but when i lived further away i completely stopped buying used diapers and bought new from stores with low shipping costs cause frankly it was the same price and the diaper was new. alot of states mamas missed out cause there was plenty i would have bought had they been willing to adjust to actual shipping costs
You have to prove it was delivered if a claim comes up.
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