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Re: Anyone else have light positives?

Originally Posted by bfoster2000
Try First Response! With my first pregnancy, I tested a couple of days before my period was due and got a very faint positive. I went the next morning to the doctor to confirm and their urine test showed nothing so they did a blood test. It was a VERY faint positive so they sent the blood off for an hCG was only 50! I actually wound up losing that baby because I never produced enough hCG...but First Response picked it up. With DJ, I didn't do a doc caught it before I noticed. This time, we weren't TTC but I know exactly when it happened (we were having problems so it was the only time we dtd!) My doc's office did a blood test about a week after that because they were doing bloodwork anyway. It was negative. I did a First Response test about 3 days later and again it was negative. Did another First Response 2 days later and it was clearly positive. Can't remember exactly when my last AF was or when I O'd but like I said, it was about 10-12 days after we "did it".

Oh and by the way, the reason I initially got the First Response test was because it was a couple of dollars cheaper than all the others!
i have this same problem! i am waiting to poas and had early signs but not so much now it's a little disapointing
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