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Re: Wool Care - what do you do?

Well, my method isn't one that many people would use.

I wash mine in my machine on a hand wash cycle about once every month or two (if there's poopy in between washings, I wash it by hand in the sink). I use Johnson's Softwash baby wash on my wool. For poopy, I scrub a little Burt's Bees Baby Bee shampoo bar on it. These are easy, cause I have them on hand and don't have to order them online. They also smell really good without bothering my kids' sensitive skin!
Whenever they seem to need lanolizing (every 2-3 weeks) I lanolize with a liquid lanolin. I take a peri-bottle, fill it with warm water and a squirt (probably about a tsp-tbsp) of the liquid lanolin and shake it up. I plug the sink, add a little warm water in there, put the wool in and pour the lanolin over it. I swish it around a little and make sure it soaks in. Then I leave it to soak a while. I come back and drain the sink, gently squeeze excess water out, roll in a towel, and lay it on the counter to dry.
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