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Re: Who went to Jo-Anns?

I was actually going to start a thread asking what everyone got! I went a little crazy... okay I went bonkers! I'm NOT going to say how much I spent (too much!), but I will say after cashing out the cashier said I saved over$600! So I don't feel that bad. I plan on starting an etsy soon and seeling soakers/skirties... So I'm stockin up! After I sell my diaper lot, I plan on getting 10 yds of hemp fleece, some knit, and cotton velour. Then I think I'll be stocked up for AWHILE! I got there at 5:30am, there was about 20 people in line, and about 20 after me. I was the 5th person to get my fabric cut, you have no idea the looks people where giving me... BAH!



Crushed panne (the lady who cut it folded it with the shinny side in, I wasn't about to unfold, and refold all that fabric!)


And to top it all off! Heres a photo of it all on out futon, so you can get an idea of how much I got! I'm crazy!

WOAH MOMMA! I sorta wish I had taken more time to look at the fabrics, but there where too many people grabing things, so I grabed also! Plus, the flannel aisle was just way to crowded, so I just grabed a couple things. I'm gonna make momma pads out of all that pretty flannel! I just got done pre-washing it all!
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