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Very confused about cycle

Ok so my cycles are completely sporatic and short. They have been from about 21-25 days. (this is unusual for me) I have tracked ovulation only by cervix, cm, and a few months with tests. I do not get a good nights sleep regularly enough to temp, The times I have tested I get my LH surge late, sometimes day 21 then AF 3 days later. So I have been on Vitex for awhile now, and then used progesterone cream with it for awhile. (attempting to lenghthen the LP) This cycle I upped my Vitex. Also adding Red Rasberry Leaf, and Red Clover this month.

My question is Friday my cervix was high soft open, mucus as good as it ever gets, and today it is back low, tender breasts, and today is when I get the LH surge. (today is day 16 so better) Am I just not "reading" my signs correctly, am I missing the day because I quit too early? Am I confused with when I am oing? I truly am confused here.

BTW Progesterone was not a problem in the past but I have conceived when oing late before.
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