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Re: Very confused about cycle

I am checking at mid-day every day since day 7. Have not started the progesterone cream this cycle. this is two cycles in a row that I had all the "symptoms" then after got the LH and both was checking the same. I always get the tender boobs so that does not seem unusual but then the LH did not get dark till after and that is what is confusing, but maybe you are right and did not before.

I had mastitis last week for several days and ran a fever then on top of that had a cold and my lo was teething so I literally have been up every 1 1/2 - 2hrs for a couple of weeks straight so there is no chance to get an accurate temp.

OK thanks so much for your help. I have two that dont sleep good and they take turns so I might get the 3 hours one night but then not for several and when I do it is never at the same time, like maybe midnight to 3 one night then 4-7 another so temping has just created frustration.

Would I get "sympoms" and the weird LH tests if I were entering perimenopause? I sooooo don't want to and am hoping that is not the case.
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