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Re: I feel sort of crazy even posting in here

Originally Posted by RoxyRocks View Post
Sally thanks so its not crazy that I want to get a bunch of them I guess if anything it will bring back my POAS addiction!
i totally understand the poas addiction...and the strong urge to ttc, especially after trying so hard for so long.

im anxious to ttc again, but i know i need to make sure i have enough energy/milk to raise the babies i have i wait. especially since every day that passes, they both get more and more active/

im excited to see how your journey plays out. and you know we're here for you.

*edited to remove the paragraph where i tell you to keep nursing your ONE MONTH OLD for as long as possible...i misread it, tho i did remember being on atts with you when you got preggers w/ max so i dont know why i got confused....
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